Pricing for Pet Sitting Services

Before services begin, we have an initial consultation, which is FREE of charge, when we meet with you and your pet and learn what your needs are. This is when you complete the client/pet registration forms, and the vet authorization form. We have provided a PDF packet for you to download and print at your leisure.

30 minute visit: $11-$14
60 minute visit: $16
Overnight care: $35

MAJOR HOLIDAYS: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, Easter and Independence Day
$5.00 extra per visit
$10.00 extra per overnight stay
Feel free to call (540) 649-0655 to make special arrangements.




Overnight for Business Trips or Vacations

Separation anxiety is a common reaction when your pet senses that you are leaving. Dropping your loved one at a kennel can be quite stressful for both you and your pet. Hiring The Dog Nanny gives you peace of mind, and your pet the comfort of being cared for in their own home. Plan ahead of time: call 540-649-0655 to check availability.

While The Dog Nanny cares for your pets in your absence, we also provide additional house sitting chores:

  • Fetch the mail and newspaper
  • Rotate the house and outdoor lighting regularly
  • Take garbage and recycling to the curb
  • Water indoor plants
  • Litter Box and Crate Maintenance
While You Are At Work

The Dog Nanny provides daily visits or occasional stops for those of you who work all day. This is also beneficial for those who have a new puppy, elderly dogs, and high energy dogs. Of course ANY dog welcomes a break from being inside all day! The Dog Nanny gives your pet the chance to go potty, enjoy playtime, eat if applicable, and get some exercise.

Weekend Outings : Half or Full Day

Have a long day planned maybe in Charlottesville or Richmond? Want to go somewhere for the day, but your pets can't come? Hiring The Dog Nanny alleviates the stress of racing home within a set time. Your pet gets the relief, exercise and company they need.

Last Minute Emergencies

Have to leave town at the last minute, or go to the hospital for an unexpected illness? Just call The Dog Nanny at 540-649-0655 and leave an Urgent message.

Medication Administration

Have a pet who needs medication on a daily basis? The Dog Nanny administers all the medications that your pet needs, including diabetic insulin injections.

Pet Taxi

Have a long work week and cannot get your pet to or from the Vet or Groomer? The Dog Nanny will schedule upcoming appointment transportation and tending any day of the year, based on availability. Schedule groomers ahead of the holiday weekends and leave the coming and going to us.