The Big Benefit of hiring a Pet Sitter is that your pet stays in their OWN home while you’re away: they follow their own routines, they eat from their own bowls, play in their own yard, sleep in their own beds–all with their very own companion and best friend, The Dog Nanny.

*Overnight Dog/Cat/Pet Sitting $40/night

*Day-visits (30 minutes for pitstop and stretch or short walk) $12-14/visit

Emergency trip to ER clinic in Verona (open 24/7) $25/hour

**Pet Taxi for vet visit, groomers, and to fetch city/county tags $15/roundtrip

Complimentary pet sitting and house sitting tasks:

  • Fetch the mail and newspaper;
  • Rotate the house and outdoor lighting regularly;
  • Take garbage and recycling to the curb;
  • Water indoor plants & close-proximity outdoor plants;
  • Litter Boxes and crate/pen trays

*Rates are based on 1-2 dogs and 1-2 cats. Quotes are left to the discretion of TDN.

**Based on 1-hour escort of your pet to the vet and/or groomer. More than an hour could increase the rate.